4 Actions Wives Should Do Respectfully (From “Real Marriage”)

4 things wives should do respectfully

We know as wives it is important to show our guys respect. We know that for most men being respectful is a huge thing to them. (Not only for men though, I mean, who likes to be disrespected?!) Previously, I wrote 4 Tips on How To Be A Servant Lover which was inspired by Real […]

Blogiversary Giveaways

Blogiversary Giveaway 1

Remember to enter for your chance to win a copy of “Growing Up Social” co-authored by Gary Chapman.  Ryan and I got married in October of 2011 and shortly thereafter started working on True Agape. In November we started the blog with a post about our running themed wedding. That means this month we are […]

The 3 Minute Date (that only costs $10)

The 3 minute date

Elliott Bailey loves journeying through the wild crazy adventure of life! Being married to Amanda makes it even more beautiful and starting a new business every few years keeps the thrill in there! He is currently writing a dating resource for the men who think that several years into a relationship she’s still worth Fighting For! […]

Growing Up Social Review & Giveaway

growing up social

When my friends over at Propeller Consulting reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World I was all over it! I am a huge fan of the 5 Love Languages so when I saw that Gary Chapman was a co-author […]

Surely, I Am Not The Only One…

Surely, I Am Not The Only One...

There are different phases in our lives and that is okay. Over time things change and again that is okay. Now that Miss M is here I probably get done in a whole week what I could accomplish in one day before she was here. Yes, it is different. I am trying to figure out […]

How to Create Variety In Your Marriage

How To Create Variety In Your Marriage

It is really easy to get into a routine or the day to day life that we live. Things get busy so we put schedules into place. For Ryan and I personally we are very routine and scheduled because our lifestyle requires it to be successful. My personality is very type A where I need […]

Choosing Information Instead Of Condemnation In Our Communication

Choosing Information Instead Of

Having respectful communication in our marriage is vital to maintain a healthy relationship. Open and honest communication allows us to support one another and connect on an intimate level. I believe we all want that in our marriages! However, we have to be realistic. There will come a time when a disagreement or misunderstanding will […]

October Monthly Favorites


Today I’m linking up for Monthly Favorites hosted by Make Me Up Mia and A Deeper Joy! It happens the first Wednesday of the month and I am joining in! I will be sharing some marriage and family resources that have been my favorites this month! Marriage Resource 5 Love Language webinar from Marriage Works!  […]

Avocado & Egg Salad

Avocado & Egg Salad

We typically don’t eat a lot of sandwiches because of the salt and preservatives in lunch meat. Often times if you find some kind of salad to use for sandwiches it has Mayo in it. We finally perfected a chicken salad that uses Greek yogurt instead of Mayo. So I decided to give an avocado and […]