Baby Safety Tips + Giveaway


September is Baby Safety Month so I have teamed up with a group of mom bloggers to bring you some great tips and a wonderful giveaway! But first I want to share with you a safety tip we are using. When we were pregnant I was reading a magazine which had an article about parents who […]

Chicken Recipe Round Up

Zucchini Chicken Lasagna

September is National Chicken Month so we are doing a chicken recipe round up! Ryan and I tend to eat quite a bit of chicken. And now that we have a grill we are learning lots of great new marinates to use on our chicken as well. I need to share some of those in the […]

150+ Dates to Help You Connect

150+ Dates to Help You Connect

Let’s face it we live in an extremely busy world! And as much as we try not to be overtaken by it we often are. We have great intentions of doing things that mean the most to us, but we still get drug into a hectic schedule throughout different seasons. It is important that no […]

Colorful & Bright Baby Girl Nursery

Colorful and Bright Baby Girl Nursery

Once we started thinking about the nursery I knew right away I wanted it to be gender neutral. That way we could use most of it for our other kids as well. Rather than having to redo it all. Some people think I am strange. I call that thinking ahead! It will save us some […]

Top 5 Phrases Every Man Needs to Hear

Top 5 Phrases

Every man desires to know just how much they are appreciated and how well we think they are doing. I mean let’s be real, don’t we want a little praise every now and again ourselves? The thing is when talking to women who have been married for some time several have told me they didn’t […]

August Monthly Favorites


Today I’m linking up for Monthly Favorites hosted by Make Me Up Mia and A Deeper Joy! It happens the first Wednesday of the month and I am joining in! I will be sharing some marriage and family resources that have been my favorites this month! Marriage Resource 10 Ways to Pursue Your Husband by […]

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook from Lisa Leake

100 Days of Real Food cookbook

Awhile back Ryan was doing some Google searching and found the blog 100 Days of Real Food. He thought it was pretty neat so he sent the link to me. I then checked it out as well. This family, the Leake’s, who ate like typical American’s decided to challenge themselves to eat 100 days of […]

How To Work As A Team With Your Husband

Work as a team

When I was teaching my husband, Ryan, and I did a great job of working as a team in the evenings which allowing us to run our household efficiently. We both picked up where things needed to be done. If he had an evening workout I cooked dinner. If I needed to grade papers he […]

Be Your Husband’s Hero- Part 2

Be your husband's hero

This is a guest post from Ali B. She enjoys running, golf, writing and all things adventurous and fun! She is a strong Christian wife who has been married for 7 years. You can check out her previous guest post: 3 Truths I Wish I Would’ve Known as a Newlywed.  READ PART 1 of Be Your Husband’s […]