Journaling to Become a Better Wife

Journaling to Become a Better Wife

We hear and read a lot of different tips out there that promise to aid us in becoming a better wife. What I am wondering is have you ever thought about how journaling could indeed do just that? I truly believe that when we focus our energy on something for a period of time and […]

Smart Money Smart Kids Book Review

Smart Money Smart Kids

If you don’t know already I have to say I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and his financial advice. I have written several financial posts using him as a resource. So it is no wonder that I was so excited to be on the launch team for Smart Money Smart Kids he and […]

Words of Wisdom Weekend #15

Words of wisdom weekend marriage quotes

Since Easter is tomorrow I wanted to share some Bible verses that deal with love and marriage. I also attempted to make the quote picture look like an Easter egg. Trying to have a little fun! I hope that you enjoy these little nuggets of wisdom. And if you just can’t wait to get them […]

Easter for Him- Pinterest Round Up

Easter for him

With Easter days away I wanted to do a Pinterest round up. These are just a few of the ideas that I found when searching for Easter ideas for Ryan. You can see all the ideas on our Easter Pinterest board! {Source} Some great ideas for an Easter basket for him! {Source} Not into an […]

3 Ways to Deal with Your Messy Man

3 Ways to Deal with Your Messy Man

Early on in Ryan and I’s relationship I realized we have different personality types when it comes to the kinds of spaces we can work in. I am a person of organization and order. Ryan not so much. I mean don’t get me wrong he does organize and have order it is just on a […]

5 Products for Dry Itchy Skin during Pregnancy (+ Giveaway)

5 Products for dry itchy skin during pregnancy

We have just about reached our 28 week mark in our pregnancy! Come on 3rd trimester! I am very thankful to report our pregnancy has been pretty simple really. I have felt good and no major complaints. The main thing I have been dealing with the past few weeks is dry itchy skin. Along with […]

4 Healthy Recipes for Picnic Date

4 Healthy Recipes for Picnic Date

Now that the weather is becoming nicer and Spring is here we are probably starting to think of some different outdoor dates that we can do with our main squeeze! I enjoy this time of year as it is a great time to do some activities before the heat of the summer get here. Will […]

How Cloth Diapering Can Create a $10K+ College Fund

How Cloth Diapering Can Create a $10k+

Ryan and I were trying to decide if cloth diapering would be beneficial or should I say worth it.  When I thought of cloth diapering I thought of grossness and me gagging. However, I started to research how they worked and what were the pro’s and con’s. There were three things that stood out to […]