5 Things That Will Test Your Marriage


Bijee (a.k.a “B”) is an outgoing and determined young woman trying to be the best her that she can be. Her greatest blessing is her friends and family, which consists of her husband and two children. She doesn’t take lightly to being a good wife, mother, daughter, and friend. The ultimate goal is to be […]

Halloween Round Up

Pumpkin pie love notes

I have been seeing a TON of cute things on Pinterest for Halloween! The great thing is they have not just been things for kids, but there has been some neat stuff to share with the hubs too! Let’s be real- he wants to have fun and feel special also! Check out our Halloween Pinterest […]

Lemon Chicken Fettuccine

No cook pasta sauce

Today is National Pasta Day! So of course I had to share one of my favorite pasta dishes. I also asked the lovely cook from My Newlywed Cooking Adventure to share one of hers as well! Right now one of my favorite pasta dishes is Lemon Chicken Fettuccine! It is simple to make and has a […]

Printable Love Sticky Notes

Sticky Love Notes

*Remember to enter our Financial Planning giveaway for a free $99 year membership to Dubli, a cash back resource.  A sweet or thoughtful little message can truly turn your hubby’s day around! If his Love Language is Words of Affirmations or not these love sticky notes are sure to put a smile on his face! […]

Easy Ways for New Moms to Get Exercise

Easy Ways for New Moms to Get Exercise

*Remember to enter our Financial Planning giveaway for a free $99 year membership to Dubli, a cash back resource.  During the first few weeks after Miss M was born I made myself take it easy. I focused on getting rest, good nutrition and figuring out this thing called motherhood. After one week the daily fresh […]

Financial Planning as a Couple + GIVEAWAY

Financial Planning as a Couple

October is financial planning month so I wanted to take some time to talk about financial planning as a couple. Ryan and I are firm believers in making sure we are good managers of the money we have been given. There have been several posts about finances before. We have written about finding our your […]

Marriage Quotes Inspiration

marriage quote1

Ever have one of those days where you just need some inspiration? Maybe it has been a long week or a tiring day? You really just don’t have much motivation. But you know there is more to live than that blah feeling you are having at that moment? Let’s face it. I think we all […]

10 Day Physical Touch Challenge

10 day physical touch challenge

Over the past couple of years of blogging and connecting with couples I have come to realize that speaking the Love Language of Physical Touch can be quite hard! Maybe it was never spoken to them or it makes them feel awkward to speak the language. The thing is if your partners Love Language is […]

My Husband Is an Ironman Triathlete

Ironman Triathlete

Two weekends ago Ryan participated in his 3rd full Ironman distance triathlon. Last year he did his first triathlon, then he raced in Texas in April and now this one. It takes a lot of time, energy and sacrifices to train for and complete a full Ironman. Sometimes I think we are crazy for the […]