4 Benefits of Being Authentic in Marriage

It sometimes is hard to be 100% authentic in our marriages, but it is something we should try to do more often.

Recently, I have been reading Created to Lead by Karen Zeigler which is a book that gives “a fresh perspective for women seeking God’s path to their purpose and their highest potential.” What I kept reading throughout the book is that God is calling us women to be leaders where ever we are. Be that our home, […]

4 Things to Remember When Your Marriage is Stuck

Ever feel like your marriage is stuck? I know I do. These 4 quotes will help when you feel like that.

Some time has passed since you said, “I do.” There have been some great times and some not so great times. Then, there might come a time where you feel like your marriage is stuck. Maybe because you or your husband made a choice that wasn’t the best for your marriage, maybe because you wonder if […]

4 Indicators that You Need a Date Night

These are 4 things that let you know you need a date night ASAP! Find out if you are in need of a date night.

If your life is anything like mine it can easily become very busy with to-do’s, events, projects and tasks. If I am not very intentional I allow these things to take my attention away from the more important things like my husband and daughter. Since I am a doer and a person that likes to […]

Monthly Motivational Link Up V.1 I.4

Monthly link up about marriage, family and fitness. Last Friday of the month at TrueAgape.com

Each month we come together during the last weekend to share stories, posts and resources that can help motivate us for the following month. All things marriage, family and fitness go! As long as it is positive and uplifting. Some link ups have a ton of rules, but not us! The only rule is to […]

What No One Told You About Physical Touch

Physical Touch seems to be the hardest Love Language to speak. After knowing these things no one told you it will be easier to speak the Love Language of Physical Touch.

A hot topic here on True Agape is The 5 Love Languages and the one that readers seem to want to know the most about is Physical Touch. I did a post explaining Physical Touch and had a guest blogger write about 4 creative ways to incorporate Physical Touch, but people are still wanting more information […]

Growing as a Wife and Mother

Learning new skills as a wife and mother are a most. I talk about some things I learned from a seminar recently.

In the last month Ryan and I have attended two seminars. We have another one next month. And Ryan and I are both being coached for our businesses. We are firm believers in constantly growing. I wrote about growing as a couple. That is what we strive to do. Grow as individuals, as a couple, […]

4 Must Do’s to Plan a Play Date

With a little planned ahead of time play dates can be a great success and fun for everyone. Check out these play date must do's.

I have set up a play date for Miss M on Monday with two other little girls that were born on the same day as her. One of my friends from middle school had her baby on July 5th as well. Then, I met another lady at the La Leche League meetings who also had […]

Uncommon Date Ideas

Sometimes dinner and a movie for date nights just get boring. These uncommon date ideas will bring variety to your life. Allowing you and your mate to connect in a way you have not before.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I could use some more variety in my life and marriage on occasion. Ryan and I live a pretty structured life when in comes to our schedule, work, workouts, and meal plans. Which means we need variety in other areas of our lives. We need to switch […]

1 Thing Every Couple Should Do

This one this will help you and your man connect more. It could possibly even change your marriage!

There is a lot of advice that can be found about marriage and how to keep a healthy relationship. Most of that information has great tips to abide by, for sure. But there has been one thing in Ryan and I’s marriage that I know makes a huge difference for us. I am sure it […]

5 Tips for Keeping your Marriage Healthy While Training

Training can cause stress on your marriage. But with these tips (especially #1) you will be able to keep your marriage healthy even when you train!

Hello True Agape readers! A huge thank you to Cassie for having me today. My name is also Cassie, oddly enough! I blog over at Sage where I document my life as a newlywed, our recent(ish) move to the Midwest, and my life as a believer. I’m a runner turned triathlete that has completed a […]

Respecting our Husbands Unconditionally

I knew I was suppose to love my man unconditionally, but respecting him unconditionally was a new concept for me.

Ryan and I were listening to something the other day that was talking about women need to feel loved and men need to feel respected. That made sense to me. I understood that. As I listened to the speakers I had a realization that I have not had before. We are called to love our […]

8 Keys to Turn Blues to Bliss

We all have blues in our marriage. It is a matter of changing those blues to bliss!

I have had the privilege to connected with Ngina from Intentional Today through mutual blogging friends. I found out that she was just releasing her book Blues to Bliss which is all about “creating your happily-ever-after in the early years [of marriage]”. I knew I wanted to get my hands on a copy to be […]