Just Between Friends Tulsa – Round Two

Just Between Friends Tulsa

Yesterday, I attended the Just Between Friends Tulsa Consignment Sale with some friends. I went last year as a first time mom. We all decided to leave the babies/kiddos with their dads and enjoy some time away. Some of us headed out for lunch before trekking through the snow to get to the sale. Several […]

Monthly Motivation Link Up V.1 I.2

Monthly link up about marriage, family and fitness. Last Friday of the month at TrueAgape.com

Welcome to the Monthly Motivation Link Up! This is where we come together the last weekend of the month to share motivation for the following month. Anything marriage, family and fitness goes- so come along and join us! I wanted to share about a tool that I have been using this month to really motivate […]

Just Between Friends Tulsa

This is the BEST way I have figured out how to save money on maternity, baby and children clothes!

When Ryan and I started thinking about starting our family we knew that we needed to do a few things financially to prepare. We made different arrangements like saving more, changing the way we invested and finding ways to be more thrifty. Our plans helped us pay off debt and increased our savings account. The […]

Expressing Feelings to Your Husband

Expressing feelings to my husband in a positive and constructive way is sometimes hard! But this makes a great point about our feelings!

This morning I was reading The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional where the title Expressing Feelings was the topic for the day. I immediately thought, “Oh, this will be good!” The past month and a half or so I can tell that my body is trying to get lined all back out post-pregnancy. Which occasionally […]

1 Simple Test Every Couple Should Take

This one simple test changed my whole relationship and marriage!

This one test that I believe every couple should take is a simple test. It does not require any studying. It does not require you to write an essay. It requires little effort, really. Yet, the results can be life changing! It can change your marriage for the better! Ryan and I took this test […]

Baby Sensory Activities

baby sensory activities don't have to be hard to do- ways to use items you already have around the house

Baby sensory activities are things that I am trying to do more often in our house since Miss M is getting a little older and curious. I have always tried to do things like read to her and describe things nonstop to her. But since the new year and her being 6 months old I […]

How to Choose the Best Time to Connect

With busy schedules it is hard to find the best time to connect. #4 is a big one for me!

Connecting with each other in some way on a daily basis is a must to keep a marriage healthy and strong. Connecting for each couple may look completely different and that is okay. The important thing is that you make it a priority for when it best fits for your relationship. A lot of couple […]

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

If your still looking for a gift for him to pull your Valentines day together this is were you need to look. Simple, easy ideas you can do today!

Here we are the day before Valentine’s Day and you may still be looking for Valentine’s Day gift idea for him. Today I rounded up a few gift ideas for him that you can throw together TODAY! Talk about last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Don’t be ashamed. You still have time to put something […]