Meaningful Gift Ideas for Him

Meaningful Gift Ideas for Him- Personalized gifts with dates and names that are special.

You’re probably looking for a meaningful gift idea for him, right? I mean it is just time of the year. You need to make or purchase a gift, but not just any gift. You need a gift that is meaningful and special. I understand you there! Ryan is pretty hard to shop for. Not because […]

5 Ways My Non-Running Husband Supports Me as a Runner

You're a runner and your man is not? Some ways your non-running husband can support you.

Marie writes over at the Lazy W. Together with Handsome, her husband of thirteen years, she run a super casual little nine-acre hobby farm just east of Oklahoma City. Marie is also a fairly new runner, having completed a few 5K’s, one half marathon, and one full marathon with many more on the horizon. She loves running […]

Our Laser Tag Date Night

We shipped the baby off so we could have a date night. Fun date idea!

Last Saturday Ryan and I shipped Miss M off to one of her grandma’s house for her first sleep over. I won’t lie I was a little nervous, but knew they would do fine. I am not going to lie I had been looking forward to the night off for weeks! What did we do […]

5 Questions You Should Ask Each Other Before A Big Purchase

Number two is a good one! If you have a big purchase in the near future these are good to ask.

Every couple goes about large purchases in different ways. Some couples have their own spending money and as long as they stick with that budget it is okay. Other couples spend as they please, where other couples stick to a tight budget and plan for larger purchases. For Ryan and I we have a monthly […]

5 Simple Strategies for Parents to Sustain Yourself & Your Marriage

Some tips from a mom of a toddler and infant. If she can do it anyone can!

Pam Moore is an occupational therapist, a writer, and the co-producer of Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show. She dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, completing the manuscript of her book on home birth, and checking off every item on her To Do list. She blogs about motherhood, marriage, running, and life with her husband, […]

Little Known Ways To Speak Acts of Service

Some easy ways to speak Acts of Service that does not have to do with running errands.

Often times when we think of the Love Language Acts of Service we often think of running errands. Well today I want to share a little video with ideas on how you can speak the Love Language of Acts of Service to your mate without running a single errand. Yes, please! Well ladies and gentlemen….here […]

6 Healthy Snacks + Giveaway

6 Healthy snacks that will help boost your energy.

If you are anything like me the start of the new year is a time that you look back at your goals and see how you want to move forward. You can call them resolutions, goals or whatever you want to call them, but it comes down to making choices. Now that we are about […]

10 Ways to Workout Without Leaving the House

Stuck in the house with little ones or because it is too cold to get out, but need to get a workout in? Don't worry we have 10 workouts that you can do without leaving your house!

When Miss M was a bit younger I would take her to the gym daycare in her carseat and leave her there while I did a little workout. I figured she was sleeping and covered so all I needed was someone to listen for her. Perfect! Well now that she is getting older, we have […]