Our Baby is 1 Year Old!

Great idea for watching baby grow. Month by month pictures.

We are just a few days away from Miss M being 1 year old! First of all, I just can’t believe it! This year has been so many things. Exciting, happy, fearful, uncertainty, wonder, awe, amusement and so much more. It’s hard to even decide how or where to start explaining the feelings of this […]

40 Things I Learned from Being Engaged

Some of these things she learned during her two year engagement made me giggle! Others I was shaking my head for a yes!

Amy Oestreicher is a performer and mixed media artist.  She writes about art, food and music at allspiceandacrylics.blogspot.com. At age 18 a blood clot caused her to fall into a coma, once she came to just months later, she knew that she needed to pursue her artistic dreams and spread the message of hope and strength […]

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Body Type

Choosing the right mattress goes beyond just picking one that feels nice.

A good night’s sleep is very important as it can affect many aspects of your life in different ways. It is common for people to not feel well rested, and this can be attributed to a number of factors. The most obvious cause of feeling tired throughout the day is not getting enough hours of […]

5 Times to Have your Man’s Back

We should always have our man's back but there are 5 key times!

  Christine D’Elia is a full time working mom of two wonderfully unique boys with an amazing husband to share in all of the craziness.  You can find more of her “nuggets” of life, love, marriage and more on her blog www.chickennuggetdiaries.com.   5 Times to Have your Spouses Back 1) With the kids – […]

What it Means to Really Listen

This little secret about what it means to really listen will change your relationships!

We hear all the time that communication is about talking and listening. That makes sense. When I think about being intentional about listening I think about things like: being focused on Ryan, looking directly at him and not letting my brain spin about all my to do’s. Oh, and not interrupting! That has always seemed […]

3 Things You Must Do When You Can’t Get Your Man to Change

There are some things that it is totally acceptable to expect your man to change. But what happens when he won't change? 3 things we can totally control!

There are times in our marriages that we want our men to change. I’m not just talking about little habits or things we prefer. When it comes to most of those things I don’t think we should try to change our men, but instead learn to love them with their differences. However, I do believe […]

3 Apps that will Improve Your Marriage

Your smart phone does not have to effect your marriage in a negative way. Here are 3 apps that will help improve your marriage.

I have a confession to make. Ryan and I just got smart phones about three weeks ago. Up until then we still had old school flip phones. They called. They texted. They told us what time it was. That was it. We finally had enough of the flip phones. We wanted to be able to […]

Best Gift For Her: Paper Blooms

One of a kind gifts for her. Flowers and succulents made out of fine and imported papers. The artist makes these one of a kind gifts that will last forever!

I think I have finally found “the best gift for her”! I am so extremely excited to share with you today about Paper Blooms by Lea Gray! AND you have TWO chances to win a piece of her amazing art work!  Lea and I met through a leadership training that Ryan and I have been attending […]

April Monthly Favorites


Summer time is approaching quickly! I can not believe it is the first week of May already! Miss M was ten months old yesterday. Since it’s the first Wednesday of the month it is time to  link up with Make Me Up Mia and A Deeper Joy for our monthly favorites! You can join us […]

4 Benefits of Being Authentic in Marriage

It sometimes is hard to be 100% authentic in our marriages, but it is something we should try to do more often.

Recently, I have been reading Created to Lead by Karen Zeigler which is a book that gives “a fresh perspective for women seeking God’s path to their purpose and their highest potential.” What I kept reading throughout the book is that God is calling us women to be leaders where ever we are. Be that our home, […]

4 Things to Remember When Your Marriage is Stuck

Ever feel like your marriage is stuck? I know I do. These 4 quotes will help when you feel like that.

Some time has passed since you said, “I do.” There have been some great times and some not so great times. Then, there might come a time where you feel like your marriage is stuck. Maybe because you or your husband made a choice that wasn’t the best for your marriage, maybe because you wonder if […]

4 Indicators that You Need a Date Night

These are 4 things that let you know you need a date night ASAP! Find out if you are in need of a date night.

If your life is anything like mine it can easily become very busy with to-do’s, events, projects and tasks. If I am not very intentional I allow these things to take my attention away from the more important things like my husband and daughter. Since I am a doer and a person that likes to […]