Quick Guide: 3 Steps To Create The Best Valentine’s Day

Quick Guide- 3 steps to create the best valentines day

Now that it’s February all of us ladies start thinking about Valentine’s Day and how we can create the best one yet. We thinking about how we can create a day where we show our man just how much we love him and how much he means to us. We ponder about new ways to make this […]

How To Get Fresh Organic Produce Delivered To Your Door

Super easy...How to get fresh organic produce delivered to your door

(Pssst…giveaway information at the bottom of this post!) I don’t know about you, but trying to balance wife, mom, business owner and my sanity I am always trying to set up systems that help me succeed. Ways to save time and mental energy. Shifting so I don’t have to get my 18 month out of […]

5 Secrets to Keeping the Wonder Alive in Marriage

5 Secrets to Keeping The Wonder Alive in Marriage

Rhiannon is a graduate of Lee University where she met and married her college sweetheart, Andrew. Together they have a daughter who is almost a year old. She is the founder and administrator for www.whatsoeverislovelyliving.com where she blogs about loving life and living for Jesus. Her mission is to encourage all women to love life, live the […]

1 Habit To Ensure Your Man Sleeps Great (and It’s Not Sex!)

This will ensure your man sleeps well each night and it's not having sex!

Leah Heffner the wife to a sexy, beard-sporting, man of God and mom to three cutie-pie-heads. She’s a new southerner, a sometimes-DIYer, and a novice gardener. She loves coffee, a good Netflix binge, and encouraging other women. You can find her giving encouragement to fuel the journey of marriage, motherhood, faith, and friendship at Life […]

5 Secrets to Keeping Joy In Your Marriage

These 5 things will help you create more joy in our marriage!

Alonda is a Christian wife and homeschool momma of 3 boys. She is the author at All That Motivates, a blog for moms who need a kick of inspiration when it comes to living the “mom life.” She shares faith builders, parenting tips, diy fun, and other encouraging words. When she’s not in “work mode” […]

5 Morning Shakes All Moms Love

Moms need to be able to make sure they are giving their kids healthy food and fast!

Norah Martin writes at High Style Life and is a newbie traveler with an ever-growing wishlist. She can be found on most days with pen and paper in hand (she is hopelessly outdated at times), jotting down her thoughts. She drinks excessive amounts of tea and raspberry juice, collects running shoes and would feel naked […]

6 Things I Learned After Getting Married Young

Things that I learned from getting married young

Rebecca Lemke is a 19 year old work from home wife, mother and mommy blogger. She blogs at newcrunchymom.com and is a contributor as a 2015 Best Performance of the Year nominee at thepublicblogger.com.     I was told not to do it; get married young that is. The reasons varied, but they all went something like […]

4 Gifts For Your Hard To Buy For Husband

4 gift ideas for your man who is hard to buy for

It’s that time of the year! Time to be deciding what to get everyone and doing that Christmas shopping! But what about those guys who are hard to buy for? I don’t know about you but my husband, Ryan, is one of the hardest people to shop for! He doesn’t ever ask for much and […]

25 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask About Love, Sex and Intimacy

These are questions that I have thought of and others I have seen other women seeking the answers to.

If we are being honest there are a whole host of questions that women have in regards to love, sex and intimacy. That goes for single women or married woman, younger ladies or older. We live in a society were some things on the topic that need to be discussed are over looked and avoided […]

4 Ways To Build Intimacy With Your Husband

4 Ways to build intimacy with your husband

Ryan and I have been very busy in 2015! We had set out this year to make it the best year in our marriage along with our businesses and personal goals. That is a huge order to fill! While growing businesses can for sure be time consuming and take energy, we wanted to make sure […]

Gnoments: One Way To Create Fun Dates

Fun way to ask him out on a date or to leave sweet notes!

Are you looking for a way to create some fun dates? Tired of just saying “Let’s go on a date?” Gnoments will help you with that! When I saw the video (see below) for Gnoments I loved the idea! I have been intentionally trying to be more active in my marriage as far as leaving […]

3 Smart Strategies to Naming a Guardian

3 Smart Strategies to Naming a Guardian In Your Will

My husband, Ryan, and I who have been married now for 4 years have discussed on and off about the fact that we needed to do a will or trust in case something was to happen to the both of us. However, it is something that we just kept putting off. A little over a […]

4 Ways To Make Your Halloween Decor Stand Out

Make your Halloween decor stand out with personalized decorations!

Halloween is always a fun time of the year! Even though we don’t celebrate in the typical way of taking our daughter trick-or-treating or handing out candy we do still enjoy the holiday. I mean this is the time of the year that we got married! Tomorrow is actually our 4th wedding anniversary! Our Halloween […]

Becoming More Sexually Engaged As A Christian Wife

There are many reasons that we might get disconnected sexually to from our husband....

Jay Dee writes, with his wife, Christina, at www.SexWithinMarriage.com, a blog dedicated to discussing married sexuality within the Christian life.  Jay is also is a Christian marriage coach, practicing at www.anonymousmarriagecoaching.com, catering to couples who are struggling to get to the next level in their marriage.  Jay and Christina have been married for 13 years […]

5 Simple Ways for Staying Fit on a Family Vacation

While on family vacation most people go off their diet and exercise, but there are easy ways to stay fit!

Peter is a lifestyle writer for HighStyleLife magazine living in Brisbane, Australia. He is dedicated to healthy living, exercising and spending time outdoors as much as possible. A firm believer in healthy diet, natural smoothies and energy healthy drinks for overall health benefits, Peter is powered by true motivation in all aspects of yoga and […]