6 Gift Ideas for Him Under $2

6 gifts for him under $2

With the holiday season approaching we are in need of getting those perfect gifts for our men. But who said those gifts have to cost us a fortune?! Today I am going to share a few gift ideas that will cost you less than $2! Some of these could be great stocking stuffers while others could be the main gift! So lets just get straight to the goodness!

1)      7 Days of Love- This is great for words of affirmations guys.

 7 days of love

2)      I love you because- I used an old frame that was laying around. You can also get one at the dollar tree.

I love you frame

3)      Make him a scarf- Use shirts from his favorite sports team or races that he has completed. You could even do one of camo. Using shirts that are just hanging around the house make the cost very low.

tshirt scarf

4)      Bookmark- Recently look into new paint? Use those paint chip samples for some good.

DIY Bookmarks

5)      Ornament- Look up on Pinterest homemade ornament. There are a lot to choose from! We don’t drink wine, but I had a huge bag of plain corks so I made these for free. (Side note: Each year after Christmas I get an ornament for Ryan’s stocking for the next year that is way cheap on after Christmas sales.)

DIY cork ornaments

6)      Bracelet- Surely you have a few old shoe strings hanging around. Make him a manly braclet. You can find the tutorial here. Buy the clasps at Hobby Lobby.

Shoelace bracelets

So there you are: 6 easy and cheap ideas for your man this season! None of which take a lot of talent. Although talent and craftiness could make it better ;)

Extra Tip: I use Ebates.com for all my online shopping to help save money. I have a little tool bar that installed so anytime I am on a website that has cash back option it alerts me. I then receive a check every quarter from my savings! It is amazing! Click this link to get an extra cash back bonus when you sign up!

What is an idea you have that you could do for $2 this season?

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  1. Great ideas :)

  2. Thanks for the ideas! Possible stocking stuffers, for sure!

  3. Pam Green says:

    Really cute stuff! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

  4. Always love finding cheap gifts :) Great stocking stuffers!

  5. Thank you for these! They’re thoughtful and easy. I like #2 and #3 and will work on them tomorrow. :)

    • I am trying to be crafty and budget friendly this holiday season. Which has actually been a lot of fun! Have fun making them Malia!

  6. Guys are fond of fashionable type of gifts. There a lot of things that can be gifted to them, in which one of them is bracelets which can be with them all the time to make them realize that some one is there who really cares for and thinks of them all the day long.

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