3 Natural Remedies for Nausea in Pregnancy

We are now 24 weeks pregnant (check out our 16 week update and 20 week update) and thankfully the nausea is long gone! I had nausea early on in the pregnancy. From about week five through ten. Although it was not extreme I just felt….well blah! People kept telling me that I could feel this way up until somewhere between weeks 12 and 16. I just was not looking forward to that! So I started searching for some natural remedies for nausea in pregnancy.

natural remedies for nausea

I found three natural remedies for nausea in pregnancy that worked for me.

1) Sea-Band Wristbands – These are fabric wristbands that have a hard plastic knob on them. The knobs put constant pressure on a pressure point that relieves nausea. They did seem to help some. However, friends of mine that had more extreme nausea felt they worked better than what I noticed.

You can find these on Amazon or in the pharmacy department near the motion sickness medicine.

2)Gin Gins Ginger Candy– Ginger is suppose to be a good reliever of nausea. I could not talk myself into eating ginger root or crystallized ginger so I looked into some ginger candy. This brand seemed to be the best as far as the least amount of added stuff. It is a chew type so similar to taffy. Taste was not the best as I am not a huge fan of ginger, but it did really work! I put half the piece of candy under my tongue and let it melt.

You can get these on Amazon (must buy three bags) or on Vitacost.com. (If you click on this highlighted link to Vitacost you will receive $10 off your first order!)


3) Peppermint Oil– Good for nausea, indigestion and irritable bowl syndrome. I would just put a drop or two in warm water and sip on it. For me I had to continually sip it for it to continue to work.

Again this can be found on Amazon or Vitacost.com. (Don’t forget to use this link to get $10 off your first purchase!)

There are the three natural remedies I used for Nausea in pregnancy. Thankfully, it did not last long for me. However, I know it can be quite miserable for some.

What other natural remedies for nausea have you heard of or used?

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  1. Yup, I’ve used all of those….even post pregnancies. I use peppermint oil for lots of things. Good stuff. Glad you’re feeling better!!

  2. Pam Green says:

    These all sound really helpful! I always like the homeopathic remedies. I will keep this post saved for when hopefully someday I need it!

  3. Praise the Lord for no more nausea!!! This will be SOO helpful one day for us! Thank you!!!!

  4. Good to know when the time comes for me!! My mom had the worst pregnancy and I anticipate the same. Glad to hear that yours wasn’t terrible! Xo

    • Dana- Some things in pregnancy are for sure genetic, but don’t be too worried. Your health and lifestyle will determine a lot of it. Also, your thoughts and how you spend your energy (thinking positive or negatively) will effect it some too. So just start thinking positive thoughts about your future pregnancies now! :)

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