Finding a Hobby to Share

We have been in the process of some product creation over here at True Agape. I have a group of lovely ladies that are brain storming with me. They have really opened up to share some of their biggest struggles and frustrations in marriage. I just love the honestly from these ladies! Not only has their honesty helped inspire and mold our first product, but several more to come out in the future. Also, it has allowed me to see topics that need to be discussed on this blog.

Therefore, today I bring a topic to you that was brought up by these 20 plus ladies. Many ladies talked about not having common interests with their husbands. This then made spending quality time together hard. They felt like one person was not enjoying the time or it felt like a chore rather than joyful time together. They mentioned some kind of product that would aid them in finding a new hobby that they could do together rather than doing current hobbies that only one of them enjoyed.

Finding a Hobby to Share with your

First off, I want to make distinguish between two things here. Speaking the Love Language of Quality Time if that is your man’s Love Language verses finding something the two of you can do together. Click the link above if your man’s Love Language is Quality Time. Continue reading here if you are wanting to find something to do together regardless of your Love Languages.

Okay, so you two want to find something to do together that you both mutually enjoy. This is what I propose:

1)      Create a list of things that you want to try- These most likely will be things you have not done together yet. Or they could be things that you have done together and think you both enjoyed fairly well. A good starting point is this list “101 Things To Do With Your Husband”.

2)      Do the activities on the list- Schedule times to do these activities. I would suggest that they replace your current date night activities. Therefore, there is no more added pressure of finding more time.

3)      Rate the activity- After each activity both of you should rate it on a number scale. Also, take note of why each of you enjoyed the activity. (This could help you come up with more ideas of things to try!)

4)      Evaluate: After doing a handful of these different activities look over your notes. Eliminate activities that one of you rated low. Try out more activities that you both rated high.

5)      Repeat: Doing this cycle (steps 1-4) several times should give you a small list of things you both enjoy doing together.

Taking the extra time to do something systematic in this way will for sure allow you to try out a whole bunch of new activities! The two of you may end up enjoying something you never imagined you would! Be open minded when creating your list of activities to try and I am sure over time together you will find our new hobby!

What is an activity that you would put on the list for you two to try?

Until Next Time- Truly Love,


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  1. Absolutely love this! We were just talking about how we wanted to pick up a new hobby together. Guess it’s really time to hop on that!

    • Well there you go Chloe. A way to systematically go about it. I like organization so this is how we would go about doing it!

  2. I love that list! I’d really like to get bikes and find places to bike ride together someday. It definitely takes some work sometimes to find things you both like. Recently we found we both liked bowling but had never gone together in the 7 years of knowing each other! I also started volunteering at the local animal shelter walking dogs and playing with the cats, and I thought my husband would be into this too since he likes animals but he just wasn’t feeling it, and that’s okay! We have things we like to do together and some things we like to do separately. But I love when we find a new thing to do together.

    • That is great that you guys are trying out different things! You don’t know until you try things out. Way to make spending time a priority!

  3. I would definitely love to try more outdoor activities, that would be something he would love too! I’d love to do more hikes, bike riding and exploring :)

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