Speaking the Love Language of Quality Time

If your man’s Love Language is Quality Time (or even your own) then this post is for you! While talking with some ladies the same topic kept coming up. They were saying it is hard to spend quality time with their man because they do not have the same hobbies. The ladies described one person not enjoying themselves and Quality Time being a chore.

First off, yes Quality Time together should indeed be joyful, fun and connecting! Not anything negative or chore like. However, I do believe we need to take a look at how to speak the Love Language of Quality Time appropriately. Because really it is partially a mindset issue. I have had to deal with this myself and change my mindset to be able to enjoy some of Ryan’s company. Let me explain….

Speaking the Love Language of Quality Time

If your Love Language is Words of Affirmations your husband may not be the best as speaking encouraging words, but he tries to do it for you. If your Love Language is Receiving Gifts your man may not like to spend money on gifts, but he knows it means something to you so occasionally he gets you something. If your Love Language is Acts of Service he probably does not enjoy picking up the house, but he knows it warms your heart when he helps out. In all of these instances he is not joy filled or would consider it fun. However, he makes the choice to speak your Love Language because he wants to fill your love tank up. He wants to show you that he loves you.

It is the same thing if our man’s Love Language is Quality Time. We will sometimes spend time with him doing activities that we don’t necessarily enjoy or look forward to. BUT we do it because we are speaking his Love Language.

A few things to keep in mind here:

-Speaking his Love Language may not always be enjoyable to you.

– But that is okay. It is a service you are doing for him.

-Focus on him. Make sure he is enjoying himself and your company (because you have a good attitude) and his love tank will get filled.

-It is not about you. This is a time for you to speak his Love Language.

-Your mindset can make all the difference!

Next time your guy mentions you talking to him as he tinkers with his car, asks you to play a round of pool with him or go to a basketball game don’t be so quick to respond negatively. But think instead how it could bring joy to his day and how you could be serving him.

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Until Next Time- Truly Love,


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  1. My hubs and I are both quality time (praise the Lord) so this is a huge blessing! Always love the reminder that we need to make our spouses needs and love language a priority.

  2. What a great way to look at it. I always think we should both be enjoying ourselves but you’re right! He grins and bears it sometimes for me to make me happy so I should do the same!

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