Studying the Bible about Divorce

A few weeks back a friend of Ryan and I’s told us that her husband left her and was filing for a divorce. My heart was so heavy for her. She made statements saying that she felt she was not good enough and maybe that is why he was leaving. She said several things that I am sure all of us in our human nature would ask ourselves. But I loved that she turned it around at the end and said God is now her husband. She said she knew he would provide for her!

I was in the Bible looking up some verses to send her in a card when the doorbell rang. It was a package that was delivered. I had just received two Study Bibles for Women from my friends over at B&H Publishing. What great timing! I busted open the box and a Bible and started digging in.

Study Bible for Women

Flipping through the pages I could see there were a lot of extra pieces that would help aid in further understanding. There were sections that talked about characters, doctrines, word studies and even a hard question section. Plus, there were several more sections as well as introductions to each chapter and content outlines. I, then, went to the index in the back and continued my search on verses dealing with divorce.

Within that week and the following week two other people told me they were getting a divorce as well. In a two week span I learned of three couples filing for a divorce. To be honest I was confused and heart broken. I kept saying to Ryan, “I don’t understand…” I am not here to pass any judgement, because I know divorce is resorted to for different reasons. It is not my job to judge people. I was heart broken for families pulled apart, couples pulled apart and the devil getting an edge in these situations.

The only things we can do in these situations are to continue to pray for them and be a Godly influence! So here I am still with a heavy heart sharing with you. Please join me in prayer not only for these people I know, but the ones you know and even people we don’t know who are facing divorces!

B&H Publishing gave me these two Bibles in the thought of me keeping one and giving another away. However, I already own a bible. As awesome as the Study Bible For Women is I would rather give both of them away to two lovely ladies who do not have a Bible. Before I even received the Bibles I started thinking about people I could give them to. My first thought was the ladies I know going through the divorce, but they already have Bibles of their own. So here I am still looking for some lovely ladies that could use a Bible of their own.

If you or someone you know is going through a divorce or hardship of any kind that could use a Bible please let me know! Or even if there is no hardship but they/you are interested in finding out more about what the Bible says please contact me. Again, I don’t want these to go to someone that is looking for a new Bible or an additional Bible, but to someone that would like to have their own and do not. If you or a lady you know needs a Bible please email me at!

Comment below with the first initial of anyone you know who is going through a divorce who could use prayers.

Until Next Time- Truly Love,


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  1. Divorce seems so common these days but it is no less upsetting or sad to hear about. I bet those women’s bibles will be handy and something inspirational and guiding. I would like to have a prayer said for my old friend N.W. who is currently going through a divorce. Thank you!

    • Pam- I will for sure say a prayer for N. No matter how common divorce is it is still heart breaking and a struggle for those involved I am sure!

  2. Goodness divorce just breaks my heart. Love that you are bringing this to the light for His glory!

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