5 Products for Dry Itchy Skin during Pregnancy (+ Giveaway)

We have just about reached our 28 week mark in our pregnancy! Come on 3rd trimester! I am very thankful to report our pregnancy has been pretty simple really. I have felt good and no major complaints. The main thing I have been dealing with the past few weeks is dry itchy skin. Along with that I am wanting to keep my skin nice and hydrated to hopefully help prevent stretch marks!

5 Products for dry itchy skin during pregnancy

A few weeks ago my mom tagged me in a Facebook post telling me about some natural baby products from Cedar Grove Sundries that she thought I might be interested in. I browsed around and liked the Facebook page to look into when the time came for those baby products. Then, I stared seeing all these updates about other natural products that helps with moisturizing. It of course caught my attention since I have been clawing away at my skin!

I looked further into the company’s philosophies and messaged the sweet owner, Sabine. I found out some pretty neat stuff!

  • She uses essential oils in her products!
  • The beeswax comes from her own bees!
  • All the baby products are cloth diaper safe! (Which is great seeing how we are choosing to cloth diaper.)
  • It is a local business out of Catoosa, OK!

And that brings us to today! Sabine, the friendly and generous lady that she is, gave me some awesome products to share with you and is even giving some product away to a lucky reader! So let me get to sharing these amazing products!

5 products for dry itch skin during pregnancy

Starting at the bottom left hand side

1)      Lip Balm $3.50: I think I put this on four times in one day because I liked it so much! Ryan said it smelled like icing. Ha! It amazes me to think Sabine uses her own beeswax for this product.

2)      Calming Baby Oil $8.00: Don’t be confused by the name. This is not just for babies! Now I will admit I had never used an oil before so I had to ask how to use it and even Google searched it. There are some pretty neat things you can do with oil! I have avoided oil previously just because I hated the thought of feeling sticky or greasy. I was even a bit hesitant when using this product. I put 6 to 8 drops on each leg and rubbed it in. It immediately soaked into my skin and there was no access left! (I told you I had dry skin!) To my surprise I really liked it! Also, with having to use so little it seems it would last awhile.

3)      Whipped Body Butter $12.00: Let me just say the name describes it so well. It is so light! Through our pregnancy so far I have tried 6 different moisturizers. Some were okay, but I did not fall in love with any of them. Some were too thin of lotions, some were so greasy they left marks on my clothes and some were so fragrance/color filled I was scared to put it on my body! I absolutely loved how I could feel the butters and oils in this. I knew my skin was getting some good stuff! By the time I brushed my hair I was able to put on clothes with no marks on them. Completely moisturizing yet doesn’t mess up my clothes. That is a win in my book!

4)      Peppermint Soap $6.00: This smells so delicious, but I know it is not for eating. I like soup that has particles in it to help with scrubbing so I am looking forward to trying this soap out!

5)      Sugar Scrub 8oz $6.00: As soon as I finished using this I messaged Sabine telling her just how much I liked it. I am a fan of scrubs. I like to exfoliate, but lately some scrubs have been leaving me too dry making me itch more. I enjoyed this scrub because the sugar is fine and it has oil in it. So between those two things it gives you a nice exfoliate, but also a great moisturizer! I was planning on putting some Whipped Body Butter on afterwards, but I didn’t even need to. I was amazed. Because let’s be real sometimes I am too lazy to put lotion on. This product solves that problem!

If you have been around the blog long you might have seen my review on some Lush products. I have to be 100% transparent here and let you know these products that I have listed here today out do any of the moisturizers/scrubs I have used from Lush. (Don’t worry Lush, you have some killer products I endorse too, but this lady has moisturizers down!) Not to mention these prices are so affordable to know you are using natural, safe products!

Now onto the fun part! Cedar Grove Sundries is hosting a giveaway for a 16oz Sugar Scrub to a lucky reader in the Continental US! You even get to choose the scent because it comes in 20 different ones! Enter into the giveaway below and check out the Cedar Grove Sundries Etsy Shop! She has other very neat products as well that I am looking forward to using once baby gets here!

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  1. Gotta try that Whipped Body Butter! Bet it’s great for the belly! (Fellow Blogging Collective FB member)

  2. Katie Harrell says:

    I agree with you-I hate having oily skin after putting lotion on so I just skip it most of the time. I have seen Cedar Grove Sundries products and they smell absolutely delicious, but I haven’t used any. I would love to try the body butter or the sugar scrub =)

  3. I’d love the whipped body butter :)

  4. Baby will be here soon so I know I’d love the calming oil of my sanity and baby’s :)

  5. Hi, I have never heard of these products before thank you for sharing them and the information about each of the products. I do love using natural products on my skin and I’m a big fan of essential oils!

    Have a great day Kim ~ This Ole Mom

  6. Honestly, all of those products sound amazing and right up my alley. I’d have to go with the body butter first and then the oil and then the peppermint soap. See, I want it all :)

  7. I love all-natural products and I especially love how she gets beeswax from her own bees! Yea bees!! These products all sound really nice but I especially like the peppermint soap!

  8. GIna Helton says:

    I think I would like the body butter!

  9. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    I love the whipped body butter (:

  10. I would love any of them! :) I love smelly stuff! Luckily I never had too much of an itch problem while pregnant :)

  11. Melissa Dealmeida says:

    Its a toss up between the sugar scrub for my feel and elbows and the baby oil for my 8 month prego belly!

  12. I’ve been using CGS products for almost a year. I’m in love with everything I’ve tried this far. She’s always adding new scents and new products so I haven’t tried everything. So far I’ve tried the lip balm, sunscreen, bug spray, baby calming oil, and sugar scrub. I love them all because they’re safe and natural, but my hands down favorite is the calming oil. I use it on the baby after each bath then on myself. The scent is so relaxing.
    I <3 Sabine and give her major cudos as a hard working WAHM.

  13. They all sound fantastic but maybe the peppermint soap!

  14. I love natural body products! I’d like to try the booby balm– I’m going to be a new mom in August, and I’m terrified of the stories I’ve heard about cracked nipples!

    • I think a lot of people have that fear, Tiffany. I will be a new mom in July so stay posted and I will let you know how it goes for me 😉 I heard that she had someone that used her other products and asked her to make this product. And it has been a success!

  15. Cassie,

    After reading your review, I went straight to Cedar Grove Sundries Etsy shop and placed an order. I got tons of stuff for friend’s baby showers, and I got myself some Lavender Sage Whipped Body Butter. I am kicking myself for not ordering some more stuff. I love the Whipped Body Butter and was actually looking forward to coming into the office today just so I could put some of it on my hands. It feels SO good. And I just need a little to moisturize both hands. Thanks so much for featuring Sabine’s company on your website. Her products are my new favorites!!

    • Oh Belinda I am so glad that you have enjoyed her products! I am sure the momma who got the gifts will enjoy them as well! I am liking my products as well and plan to order some different ones for baby and myself after delivery!

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